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Hey...A zoom is for example to post a photo of a marker, the first person that comments zoom out the picture
Example: I used that marker on my exam, the next person that comment can say: That marker didn’t work to me, so then the next person will comment and so on. HAVE FUN!!

This was for Challenge 5 March 2011
About me... 04/06/2011
Hello, I created my image with ImageChef it´s about my best friends! I put it on that colors because i like blue and the black on the back look very nice. I put it on that shape because I love all the people that are on it.

This was for Challenge 5 in march 2011
My Color 04/06/2011
My favorite colour is blue I like very much that color for me is cool, I love to dress up with blue, i love to paint with blue and all my room is blue.
I chose this foto because I like it, and for me is creative because that water is going by the sky and getting every time in different form.

I chose this foto because I like it, and because is very nice how does the water (color blue) is geting darker.

I chose this foto because I like it, and because is very cool how does the heart see and on the back the ocean, I like it to because it make me feel like if love can happen in the ocean and that the blue is the color of the happines of love.

This is for Challenge 5 in march 2011
Hello today I have a new challenge.Well it includes my friends and class blogs and webpages I visit the most it is really nice check them out!! But i also put some information of my favorite pages, the ones I visit more and I enjoy to get in, i have in all a user name... so you can add ME!

This was for Challenge 4 in the march 2011 challenge
Global... 04/01/2011
Well i think that my counter help me know how many people have visit my blog, and then it will apear the number of vistors on it.i also added a site translator so if you spoeak other langueaque it can apeear to you in that language... in thr language you know more
Well when i have found out that their is a blog in an other language that i dont know i translated and then read ir but it is really dificult to do it.

This post was for challange 3 in march 2011
My Avatar ! 03/17/2011
This was for Challenge 2 in the March 2011 challenge
1.¿Porque te demoras? Plan B.
2. La la la - Baby rasta y Gringo
3. Barbara Streisana - Duck Sauce
4. Quisiera - Pasabordo Ft J Balvin
4. Danza Kuduro - Don Omar Ft Lucenzo
Un Vacio que no tiene recuerdo.

Siento un vacío
Siento que alguien me robó algo, que era mío
Siento que un pedazo de mi no está,
Siento  y pienso que alguien me hace falta

Pero, como olvidarme de algo que no he vivido
Los recuerdos son momentos vividos
Pero, si yo no tengo ese recuerdo
¿Por qué  estoy llorando?

Cuando veo a alguien desconocido
Me viene un recuerdo
Un recuerdo no vivido

Se me viene una imagen que no he tenido
Y no entiendo por qué
Esa persona hace parte de un recuerdo no vivido.

Vivo en un mundo feliz
Donde nadie se ve triste
Pero todos sentimos un vacio,
Un vacio que nos hace sentir que algo nos hace falta
Todos vivimos con miedo de darnos cuenta de lo que pueda pasar
Al lado de esa persona
Que nos trae recuerdos no vividos.

Yo siento que alguien ha robado

Algo de mis recuerdos
Escucho gente que pasa diciendo

¿Quién soy yo? Pero yo sé muy bien quien soy
Una niña feliz que sabe para donde va
Y se conoce de verdad.

Japan 03/15/2011
There was big disasters on Japan only weeks ago and I think is a very important that people need to know because many people die and there was many people not found. But the horrible thing is that part of Japan is distrait because it was a tsunami and an earthquake. 

Today I have did a poem about Love...   

Love is all over this wonderful world 
Love is magic to see
Love is what we all need
Love is for you and me.

Love, for being nice
Love for being caring
Love, for being special
Love, all over the place.

Love is nice and neat
Love is cute and special,
Love is what we all need
Love, for practice to live.

Love is easy to see
Love is hard to find
Love is a special thing
Love is hard but nice
But love is the wonderful thing that can happen us.

In conclusion love is nice,
Love is cute but hard to find
But the thing we have to know
Is that love is the key of every light
So we have to care about that
Or we will have a darker life.